Sunday, August 4, 2013

After dragging my feet for more than a month and half, I have actively joined a writer's group.  I know?!  I can hardly believe it myself.  My initial trepidation was the thought of actually having strangers read my work and then have them share their thoughts on it.  That's always been the most difficult thing about writing -- giving it over to someone else.  **shudders**

But thanks to the persistence of a few awesome people, I went to my first writer's group today.  Gotta say, it was kinda cool.  I was a little nervous but quickly got over it.  As I sat and listened I became comfortable enough to share some thoughts of my own, we did a group reading of someone's script.  That was very cool.

What I took away from the group session was that I seriously need to rework my piece, first of all, but feel comfortable to want to share my writings with others.  That seems a little strange seeing as how I have a blog and it's open for others to view.  Be that as it may, I am excited and eager to start working on my writing again.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anchorage, AK

So, Alaska.  It's almost nothing what you thought it would be and everything you hoped it wouldn't.  For example, I knew it would be cold.  But in relation to having lived in Hawaii, Utah and California nothing really prepares you for waking up to temperatures in the single digits.  Or 4 months of daylight and 8 months of darkness.  It can all be very confusing between how late the sun stays up and how long the nights last.  I recommend a very good time piece and some really dark curtains; otherwise you'll be too late for anything or very early to everything.  And then there are those days when you walk out the door, breathe in that brisk Alaska air, and as you look out at the world in front of you, something about it makes you say out loud "Ahh, shit!!"  Because it's the realization that the world has frozen over, and the distance to your car is somewhere between "falling on your ass," or "face plantin' it."  Neither of which I would recommend, because there is really no graceful way to recover from something like that.  Trust me -- I know of what I speak.

And then there's the nature element.  Specifically moose, of which, they usually travel in pairs.  So safety tip: if you ever see a moose, be careful because the second one is somewhere nearby.  There are laws in Alaska that explicitly state, "do no harm -- to the moose." I'm paraphrasing of course.  I have no idea what the laws are in regards to moose (I don't even know the plural form of moose).  But I do know that if you are driving on the road, you must yield and stop to allow a moose to cross  . . . and trust me they are usually in no hurry.  One might think that they are aware of their status in Alaska.  You cannot honk at a moose.  You must never, ever approach a moose.  But, apparently it seems okay to pull over to then side and take pictures with your camera phone.  While they may seem cute and cuddly, they are very, very large animals.  I'm gonna go out a limb as say that they,re bigger than a horse -- although I have no reliable data to prove that statement.  Just fyi, "coo" and "aww" from a distance.