Friday, May 15, 2009

Born on the 7th of May

My brother and I were both born in the month of May; he's four years older than I am although he would never fully admit to being "that" old. Ever since we were kids, we always celebrated our birthdays together not because it was cute or quirky, but because his birthday was on the 4th and mine was on the 7th, and with four children in the family it gets expensive celebrating individual birthdays within the same month.

My last real birthday party that I had with my brother was when I turned 7 and he was 11. To be perfectly honest, I never minded the combined birthday parties. We had the same friends, same relatives, and board games were big back then so gift giving wasn't a big deal. My mom and dad packed up our big blue Ford station wagon with four very excited kids, and loads of food, drinks, music and headed to the beach. I remember we had a white cake decorated with yellow flowers and green leaves made out of frosting and it said "Happy birthday Danny and Rita." I thought it was the prettiest cake I had ever seen. We played dodge ball, swam in the ocean, ate barbecue, had games and prizes, and then cake and ice cream. The party lasted well until the sun went down and the memory has lasted even longer. It was the best day ever! I love how that moment is such a vivid memory.

As we all got older, there weren't so many actual birthday parties; we had birthday dinners at the restaurant of our choice instead. It was nice, but nothing compares to that one specific birthday. So, on the occasion of my birthday, I declare my 7th birthday as my official birthday memory for all future birthday celebrations. And should my brother and I decide to have another birthday like that again, I will definitely send out invitations.


Brenda said...

Can I be invited? :-) Happy birthday to you. BTW, I made my blog private and will need your email address to add you. Send it to

Ipo said...

What a beautiful memory. Do you have any pics of that day? If not, your words paint the most vivid picture anyway. Good to see you're back...I missed you!

Siana Burgess said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mia... not Rita not Calidore not Margarita, but Mia for Missing In Action!!! I was trying to call my cousin them for Sean's number so maybe I could get yours! Where are you? What are you up to? Are you doing okay? I MISS YOU!!!! I WORRY ABOUT YOU!!! I love you and am concerned when I can't get a hold of you! I did think about you on your birthday and wished in my heart that you are well and having a good one there in Cali. Take care and do keep in touch. Love, Siana

Kahanu said...

Rita I hope you had a great birthday! We think you're awesome! I love the way you write! That is such a fun memory! My sister just below me and I always shared our birthdays too. My birthday is on the 21st of May and her birthday is on the 22nd. We always shared our cake and we used to joke about how cheap our family was that we had to share our cake. When I got married we thought that we would finally get our own cakes because we lived in seperate houses. When our birthdays came around they made one cake and cut it in half. It has been our joke ever since, I usually send her a picture of half a cake on her birthday!
Sorry about your aunt-I pray the love of our Savior can comfort your heart.