Thursday, June 4, 2009

Diggin' on it...

I'm totally diggin' on this concept of blogging. Truly . . . I am. It lets me get in a lot of writing time, time that I always say I'll put aside to actually write, but I never do. Which is weird, because I love writing. I have always loved writing. I love writing in the same manner that I love reading.

When I was about seven years old, I read . . . voraciously. I can't remember a time when I didn't enjoy reading. My parents had purchased a collection of children's literature books, as well as volumes of Reader's Digest (you know, the hard cover type that was sold door-to-door) and I read them. All of them. And when I read them all, I read them again.

Then, I read everything else we had in the house. I read the medical books we had (the pictures were gross), the business books we had (taught myself how to type on a typewriter), my mother's music books (taught myself how to play the piano...not very well), my father's auto mechanic books (learned the basics of how to change the oil and fix a flat), and if I went to the library, I was like a kid in a candy store.

I've read a lot of different articles that give advice about how to blog, what to blog, how to be a better blogger, how to write a better blog, how to sell your blog, how to sell your time to blog, and all that stuff. I thought maybe that was the best route . . . you know, the best way to learn how to blog. But now, I'm not so sure. I've always had my own style, and I didn't really get into blogging just to see who was going to read my stuff; it was more for me. More of an outlet, for me.

So, I'm diggin' the blogging. I'm diggin' on the fact that I'm finding my voice through writing my blog. And that I'm writing. Yea, me!!!


Ipo said...

I agree with you about blogging. I'm getting into it, mostly because I'm starting to find my own voice. And, in my humble opinion, my writing style is improving (cuz it's just all over the place). I'm loving it. Maybe I will, one day, get around to writing a book or something. I might even one day start writing poetry. But for now, it's a great outlet. I also love the support I get from you and a few other bloggers that I totally admire.

Happy Blogging!!

IWA (e - va) said...

So about 10 years ago I heard this statistic that 79% of all Americans fell that their life story is worthy of being a best seller book, but less then 5% would actually make a sale! Maybe that's why that’s why the whole blogging thing is so popular!

Blogging is the therapy that I can’t afford to pay for professionally! Even reading the variety of blogs is so therapeutical!

Calidore said...

Iwa, I'm with on the therapy thing. Blogging is so much cheaper and I can do in the confines of my own home and in my scruffy sweatpants!