Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the fog rolled in....

I saw the most magnificent scene today as I was driving around Mill Valley, CA. It was just the briefest of glimpses; a few clouds seemed to hug the mountain side. Granted, I couldn't watch too closely since I was drivng, but I pointed it out to my cousin and he got a bit excited by the whole scenery.

As we drove on through the east side of Mill Valley, the fog began to move more swiftly. It snuggled up close and personal along the little mountain ranges, and then it lazily sprawled itself out over the valley floor and the lake nearby. It reminded me of passing rain showers in Hawaii. I used to love to watch the rain as it moved like a watery sheet gliding without inhibition across the island. Even more spectacular, was watching it fall from the sky and end in the sea; there seemed to be no specific point of origin or destination. It just...was.
Weather is intriguing, don't you think? I mean, it has no agenda other than to exist as wind or water or both. Even in it's most terrifying state, it is still a wonder. It's hard to contemplate and drive at the same time, but those few thoughts did manage to seep in as I maneuvered my way through traffic.
And then, my cousin, pointed out just the tiniest hint of metal sticking out through the misty fog...the Golden Gate Bridge or maybe it was the Richmond Bridge. How cool is that? I keep reminding myself that I need to take my camera with me when we go to work, because work encompasses several miles to and from home. I've seen some beautiful art work, some strange pieces and even the bizarre. And each and every time I say, "I should have brought my camera."
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Siana Burgess said...

And here I was admiring your photography skills! ;) I'm with you. Weather is always a wonder and it is what it is. I remember on my mission when hurricane Val blew through and it felt like the world was coming to an end. I felt wonder at that. I thought to myself, man and woman are nothing. This hurricane will do what it will do and nothing anyone says or does will make a bit of difference. Only the Lord has the power and I just watched the stormy weather continue to blow.

Ipo said...

Isn't it incredible how ALL of God's creations are something of awe. Even the most frightening. I, like Siana, have stood in awe and wonder in the middle of 2 hurricanes. I remember just staring into the sky, watching the clouds race by and not being able to take my eyes away...even though we needed to be boarding up the house and securing our lives. Weather has always been fascinating to me, and the beauty of nature that surrounds it.

david santos said...

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Nice pictures and pretty colors!!!
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