Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oxford University researchers....

compiled a top ten list of irritating phrases. It's a list of phrases that have rubbed your last nerve and you just can't stand to hear it any more.
1) At the end of the day...
2) Fairly unique (they didn't like it because it's an oxy moron)
3) I personally...
4) At this moment in time
5) With all due respect
6) Absolutely
7) It's a nightmare
8) Shouldn't of (grammatically incorrect)
9) 24/7
10) It's not rocket science

It's an interesting list, don't you think? Let's try them out.
1) Well, "at the end of the day" it's all about the numbers.
It is a rather trite phrase, but it fills out the sentece very well, don't you think so?
2) It's not a "fairly unique" assumption about what is considered an irritating phrase.
Oxy moron, I get it.
3) "I personally" believe that redundancy is alive and living in my basement.
I had a history professor that would cringe at phrases like "I personally" or "it's my opinion."
4) I cannot comment on that issue "at this moment in time."
Comments for #3 apply here. By the way, redundancy does not really live in my basement.
5) "With all due respect" to the Oxford University researchers, but why is this phrase annoying?
What does that phrase really mean?
6) I "absolutely" enjoy the use of this word as it is only used to give emphasis to a statement!
Need I say more?
7) I can "absolutely" state that I have never used "it's a nightmare" as a phrase unless I were describing a scary movie or a bad dream.
Hmm...yeah, that's about it.
8) I "shouldn't of" spoken so grammatically incorrect.
Yeah, that was lazy on my part...I couldn't think of anything else to say.
9) All 7-eleven stores are open 24/7.
They don't have 7-eleven in the U.K. maybe that's why.
10) It's all about gaining perspective, it's not like it's "rocket science."
There really isn't much that's like "rocket science" is there?

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Ipo said...

Well, all I can say is, "Thank You." I have been trying to get people to blog, but no one seems to want to. I am so glad you are blogging!! Now you have to come and check out my blog!! I will definitely be "following" yours!! I have only read your latest blog, but I will be reading the rest! By the way, the researchers missed, "don't take it personally." Thanks for letting me know about this as I love reading your writing!!