Friday, November 14, 2008

Goodbye to Brother Joseph

They called at dawn to say, "He's gone and you must hurry home.
Call mother, father, sister, brother. None must tarry -- none."
They called at dawn, what an early hour to be wakened by such news.
It was a dreadful task for them, which they did not refuse.

I called at dawn to say, "Mother dear, your darling boy is gone.
And we must gather to our home. None must tarry -- none."
I called at dawn, the messenger, the bearer of bad news.
There was a dreadful mournful sound, that grew -- and grew -- and grew.

We flew at dawn to our island home, with heavy grieving hearts.
For we had lost the very best, the sum of all our parts.
We flew at dawn to our island home, travelers from afar;
For Him, we'd spiral round the globe no matter where we are.

We stood outside the doors at dawn, together huddled near,
He sent his love in silence, ours laid in his sepulcher.
We stood beside his earthen mound as parting words were read:
"For since by man came death...also the resurrection of the dead."

I stood beside his grave alone, and read a card he never sent:
"Dear R-, my only comfort is my faith in you, and your faith in God."
I stood beside his grave alone, and clutched his final words:
"Thinking of you always. Love, your baby brother, Joe-boy."


Ipo said...

Beautiful, Rita. I don't know when this happened, but my condolences. The phone call at dawn always make my heart stop.

Calidore said...

I wrote this a few years ago after he passed, but thought I'd like to post it here on my blogg.

Phone calls at dawn still make me jump!