Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just A Thought...

When I was a young girl living on Kipou Place, I would stand in the driveway at night and stare up into the sky. I was amazed by the beauty of the stars. I wanted to be able to lie beneath them all night long -- unfortunately, the mosquitoes made that impossible. But on the nights that I was able to do my star gazing, I found myself contemplating the most amazing thoughts:
-- I thought how talented God must be to come up with the concept of stars, moons, galaxies and the way they twinkle in the night sky. I can hardly comprehend the creative process of something as vast as galaxies, planets, suns, and the universe.
-- I thought how cool it was to see a shadow ring around the moon. It made the moon seem mysterious.
-- I thought God seemed nearer to me when I looked up into the heavens at night. Sometimes I would cry and tell God my problems. It was easier to talk with him then.
-- I thought he heard me better when I stood under the stars; if felt like he did.
-- I thought dreams seemed more attainable if I stood outside and stared into the twinkling lights above.
There are many things that block my nightly views of the sky now; walls, street lights, buildings, being too busy, forgetting to look up; sometimes I catch a glimpse of the moon and stars through the branches of a tree, or around the edge of a building and I feel the urge to knock down a wall or uproot a tree. I want to be able to lie under the night's sky and feel the glory of the moon and stars, being totally enraptured by their beauty.


Siana Burgess said...

Hi Rita :D I thoroughly... thoroughly now :D enjoyed reading through this post. This is something I have done and enjoy doing. Maybe I didn't ask so many questions under the stars :D Nah I did! LOLOL But isn't it just the most peaceful feeling? To be one with all that beauty. It feels just within reach especially when looking into a clear night sky filled with stars some of them even shooting from one end to the other. And the sky is just so still and calm and constant :D Love you woman! Love, Siana

Ipo said...

That's one of the things I love about Samoa, the stars are so much bigger and brighter because there is less interference. I guess that can be said of our own relationship with diety...they are closer, clearer, more a part of our lives if we keep the view open.

Cheri Block Sabraw said...

This is a lovely post with insight and emotion. I have never been to Samoa, but as a country girl, I know I would love it.


PS Thanks for your kind comments to my blog. I really appreciated them.