Friday, November 14, 2008


Sometimes the act of speaking is just too perplexing for me. People speaking bubbles. BUB-BLES!! Some people talk just to fill the silence that surrounds them. I say, enjoy the silence...shhhhh. Speak not. Speak less. My current job requires a lot of travel time on the road. I work with my cousin and he has an insatiable desire to talk. He'll talk about the obscure, the wife (newly married...ick), politics **rolls eyes**, religion **rolls eyes in opposite direction**, music, family, work, traffic, cars, money problems, the list (unfortunately) goes on and on. All of it, is enough to make me scream and then drive into the guard rail. Talking. Yes, peace and quiet is all I require in the early hours of the morning (refer to previous post regarding Mornings). Seriously, don't feel compelled to fill the void of silence. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Silence it. Please, just shush.

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Ipo said...

I love silence as well. But when I have something that really needs to be said, you're gonna hear it!